June 14, 2024


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Velocity Modern Classics Crafts Brand New 1967-68 Fastback

The first-generation Mustang is one of the most recognizable pony cars to come out of Ford Motor Company. Since its inception in 1964, the car has achieved great success in various circles, ranging from the race track to the red carpet. The large number of vehicles produced could even be credited for helping sustain the classic car market during tough times. In any case, these cars are still highly sought after, with the 1967-68 Mustang Fastback models capturing the attention of enthusiasts as of late.

While the idea of reliving the past behind the wheel of a classic Mustang sounds appealing, the unfortunate truth is that time has not been kind to the majority of these cars. Even with the aftermarket providing plenty of support, finding a reliable professional to properly complete a restoration job is difficult. However, there is an alternative offered by Velocity Modern Classics.

Stepping Beyond Restoration

Instead of merely restoring and refurbishing well-used vehicles, Velocity Modern Classics has established a production line that takes a classic 1967-68 Mustang with a factory VIN and crafts into a completely new vehicle.. Its production process has been refined, and each team member is trained to excel in their respective station, ensuring consistent high-quality results.

At Velocity, we take restomod to another level. -Jeffrey Jennings, Director of Marketing,Velocity Restorations.

Velocity Modern Classics’ in-house research and development team has extensively worked on each vehicle to ensure that ride quality, engine management, drivetrain, and other aspects meet the company’s standards. This process also allows Velocity to design, 3D print, or fabricate its own branded components. While the end user will be the one to truly feel the craftsmanship behind the build, the rest of us can appreciate the work put into creating the well-crafted machine.

Electric vehicle conversions may be the latest craze, but rest assured under the hood of this beautiful Fastback Mustang is a V8 5.0-liter Coyote engine from Ford Performance. The modern power plant produces an impressive 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. Power is transmitted to the rearend through a 10R80 10-speed transmission, coupled with a Ford 9-inch rear end equipped with 3.73 gears. While the heart of the Mustang resides in the front, its backbone consists of a Roadster Shop Mustang SPEC chassis, providing excellent handling. Keeping the car firmly planted to the pavement is an independent front suspension paired with a four-link rear suspension and adjustable Fox coilovers on all corners. Baer Brakes four-piston calipers paired with 11-inch rotors bring the pony to a halt.

The attention to detail extends beyond the Fastback chassis and engine, as the exterior is coated in a BASF Glasurit paint color, with the option of adding racing stripes for a personalized touch. Throughout the exterior, you’ll find nods to modifications from the past, such as a vented hood and lighting enhancements. The end result is a ride that will always make you look back each time you step out. Inside, the classic Mustang spring-filled seats have been replaced with luxurious upholstery that surpasses expectations. Modern air conditioning is provided by Vintage Air, while Dakota Digital gauges offer critical real-time information. Complete Dynamat sound deadening not only keeps road noise at bay but also provides the sound chamber needed for the RetroSound and Focal audio components.

Time Well Spent With Warranty

You might be thinking that this process could take years, but through extensive research and development, design, and refining the production process, it only takes 14 weeks from ordering to delivery.  Not only that, but these builds come with a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 5-year powertrain warranty. For those seeking a more performance-oriented package, Velocity even offers a Street Series build. If you want to skip the wait time and uncertainty of building a classic ride, then check out the brand new classic vehicles produced by Velocity.