May 18, 2024


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Twin Rivers Tunes Festival award winners

The Twin Rivers Songs Pageant was satisfied to host 130 pupils who executed over 300 items in this year’s Twin Rivers New music Festival. Thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors, we ended up able to give $2,660.00 in awards and scholarships and present 14 trophies.

This year’s competition has manufactured an remarkable selection of performers who are advancing to the subsequent amount of competitors. Congratulations to Elise Kroeker, Rylie Coller, Tianna Starosta, Zoey Coller, Maia Macatangay, Arthur Crowe, Aveah Wasylenka, Markus Bitner, and Ethan Mitchell who will be symbolizing Twin Rivers Songs Pageant in a complete of 23 Provincial courses and 2 Canada West Excellence courses.

Vocal/musical theatre/spoken phrase

Vocal Adjudicator’s Preference

Junior: Vianne Friesen

Senior: Natalia Yurach

Open: Reese Fehr

Musical Theatre Remarkable Musicianship

Junior: Rachel Glines

Vocal Rose Bowl: Rylie Coller

Senior: Rylie Coller

Musical Theatre Open up Scholarship: Tianna Starosta

Centennial Legacy Scholarship: Mattaya Braun

Sacred Tunes Scholarship

Junior: Zoey Coller

Senior: Zoe Elias

Choral Award: Martensville Higher University

Spoken Phrase Award

14 years & Less than: Evelyn Hoff

18 yrs & less than: Elise Kroeker

Prestige Award: Maya Macatangay

Vocal Musical Distinction Award, Rose Bowl: Rylie Coller

SENIOR piano

Fantastic Musicianship

14 many years & under: Elaine Mariano

Senior: Jillian Fehr

Adjudicator’s Option

14 many years & below: Benjamin Sheppard

Senior: Holly Karpan

Open: Aveah Waylenka

Open Scholarship

14 decades & below: Addyson McMillan

Senior: Kimberly Cornish

Baroque Period Award: Elaine Mariano

Classical Era Award: Samantha Graham

Canadian Composer Award: Markus Bitner

Dalmeny Church buildings Sacred New music Scholarship: Maiken Wasylenka

Centennial Legacy Scholarship: Jack Strunk

Saskatchewan Composer Award: Jillian Fehr

Prestige Award: Ethan Mitchell

Bergquist Musical Distinction Award Markus Bitner

Bergquist Musical Difference Award, Rose Bowl: Markus Bitner

(Victor and Sadie Bergquist were community small business individuals who enthusiastically supported the enhancement of young musicians. The loved ones has picked out to honour their motivation by funding this award.)


Little Tots: Felix Bitner

Exceptional Musicianship

8 years & under: Benjamin Griffin

10 years & underneath: Nyla McGill

12 yrs & under: Declan McGill

Adjudicator’s Preference

8 many years & under: Evelyn Hoff

10 decades & beneath: Karsten Adrian

12 yrs & below: Deacon Bitner

Open up Scholarship

8 several years & under: Grayson Konchak

10 many years & below: Logan Schlamp

12 yrs & less than: Nora Olynick, Lucy Olynick

Baroque Era Award: Madeline Boyes

Classical Period Award: Bray Wasylenka

Canadian Composer Award: Pax Ewen

Superb Junior Duet: Declan McGill & Nyla McGill

Dalmeny Churches Sacred Music Scholarship: Bray Wasylenka

Centennial Legacy Scholarship: Eileen Saam

Saskatchewan Composer Award: Eve Worfolk

Helge Lutke “I Appreciate A Piano” Award: Vianne Friesen

Helge Lutke “I Really like A Piano” Award: Casey Stumph

(Helga Lutke was born and raised in Dalmeny, and is passionate about giving possibilities for everybody to practical experience the joy of songs. This award is meant to persuade a youthful performer who displays enthusiasm for new music.)

Bray Wasylenka – Remarkable Junior Piano Performer

Exceptional Junior Piano Performer: Bray Wasylenka