April 17, 2024


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Tunes Festival Season Is On Us, but Will We Be In a position To Afford to pay for It?

This post is published by a college student author from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I don’t know about you, but developing up, I was invested in looking at my most loved way of life Youtubers of 2013-2019 put together to attend Coachella. This festival was pretty much a need for the prosperous and well known, or probably a rite of passage for any person wanting to make it as an influencer.  

Irrespective of the rationale, tween me appeared at Coachella with stars in my eyes. I explained to myself, as I’m absolutely sure many of us did, that I’d go to Coachella just one day when I was older (but not far too outdated). I wished so terribly to be in a position to select out my outfits, hairstyles, and makeup appears to be, go to the desert with my pals, and hear to some really very good audio, just like I experienced viewed all of my part designs do.  

Nonetheless, now that I’m an grownup and comprehend that my hard-acquired grocery cash would be heading into those outfits, tickets, and lodge stays, the chances of me being equipped to show up at felt out of arrive at. This experience might be popular for a lot of other men and women who wish to go to. This yr, just to get into the whole weekend of Coachella at the foundation value, it’d price all-around $499 moreover service fees.

Let’s glance at one more songs festival that could possibly satisfy the very same concertgoer’s motivation: Lollapalooza. Whilst the price for this year’s tickets has not been produced yet, it would’ve operate you about $503 if you were seeking into enduring all four times of the festival last year. If you do the math, Lollapalooza is technically more expense-successful, but at what level are we keen to attract the line at extra?  

Perhaps there is nonetheless hope for a audio pageant a minor additional specialized niche. The first example of one that will come to thoughts is Shaky Knees in Atlanta, which tends to equipment more toward the substitute crowd. Admission for the three times is about $100 for every day, with a grand total of roughly $365.  

The actuality is, in today’s age of social media and with its sheer affect on all of us, music festivals provide a various function than they did right before the days of Instagram and TikTok. In the ’90s and early 2000s, these live shows had been predicted because they were a spot for camaraderie. They were being a location in which persons with identical likes could enjoy music with a person yet another and encounter what they came there for. Now, these festivals appear to be to provide very the reverse operate, the place merely attending suggests an chance to produce articles. 

Social media is inherently aggressive. Choose an party that is handled as a desired destination or backdrop for posts and mix that with all of the models and sponsorships anticipating some kind of promotions, and you’re heading to get a great deal of tripods and extravagant outfits. Each individual attendee’s posts wants to be superior than the 1 ahead of, and if you dare overlook out on the celebration, then you’re primarily deemed irrelevant as an influencer.

I hope that the rest of us aren’t constrained to just dwelling vicariously by means of our screens for the rest of our life. Maybe audio festivals will drop off as a pattern just as rapidly as they grew to become one particular. Hopefully, someday, character will recover itself and persons will commence as soon as once again attending tunes festivals for the songs.  

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