May 21, 2024


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Students accomplish in songs competition | Chanhassen Schooling

The 25th Annual District 112 Mid-Amount Solo Ensemble Audio Competition was held on April 30 at Chaska Center University West.

Over 100 middle university pupils from Chaska Middle College East, Chaska Middle University West, and Pioneer Ridge Center School participated.

Learners were being provided a ranking, with Top-quality staying the top rated ranking, adopted by Great, Superior and then Reasonable.

Students who received outstanding and superb rankings provided:

Top-quality rating: Ailey Koenen (voice solo) Kenzy Eisele (voice solo) Victoria Schmieg (voice solo) Kenzy Eisele & Rylee Keith (voice duet) Morgan Rotunda (voice solo) Victoria Schmieg & Mabel Porthan (voice duet) Isaac Rossow (voice solo) Becca Ross (voice solo) Ryann Klett (voice solo) Eliise Mooney (voice solo) Emmy Erickson (cello solo) Esther Gilbertson (harp solo) Rissa Langguth & Makayla Kneib (violin duet) Annika Doerkson (cello solo) Russell Jackson (violin solo) Tessa Fuhr, Naomi Monaghan, Kallie Wilson (string trio) Nina Brumm (violin solo) Navinh Southa, Maddie Gorman, Elisabet Gonzalez Lara (string trio) Lauren Davis (viola solo) Clarie Stephens (violin solo) Jessica Hieberg & Eliza Jost (violin/cello duet) Piper Wiechman (viola solo) Sara Moua, Madelyn Pickar, Sydney Havrilla (string trio) Bristol Larson & Clara Thuen (violin duet) Joceyln Colletti (cello solo) Vivian Huang (violin solo) Raymond Huang (violin solo) Maria Canon (violin solo) Isaac Johnasson (trumpet solo) Nancy Nguyen & Jina Le (flute/percussion duet) Tomlin Baumberger (trombone solo) Samantha Stoebner (euphonium solo) Tori Dodds (trombone solo) London Thiele, Sydney Kerkman, Eliza Jost (saxophone trio) Mason Igl, Alex Bowe, Ricky Johnson, Carter Nesvold, Connor Egan, Connor LeSueur Zane Bacon, Luke Johnson (blended ensemble) Lillian Boche (percussion solo) Madison Garza & Jimmy Cuff (woodwind duet) Weston Gilbertson (trombone solo) Charlie Schmidt (percussion solo) Julia Davis (clarinet solo) Layla Pellegrino (flute solo) Lily Pellegrino (flute solo) Lucas Pederson (saxophone solo) Julia Davis & Kenzy Eisle (clarinet duet) Mike Conlee, Cullen Whiteman, Lucas Sundstrom (saxophone trio) Nolan Brouwer (saxophone solo) August Goetze & Gavin Ballsrud (woodwind duet) Maddie Aulizia, Ava Newman, Allie Taylor (woodwind trio) Siena Sorgenfrie (flute solo) Kali McNallan & Lorna Groskreutz (mixed duet) Norah Cleath (clarinet solo) Tiara Palacios Alvarenga (clarinet solo) Zoie Boudreau-Landis & Isabelle Naslund (woodwind duet) Austin Henderson (saxophone solo) Isabelle Naslund (saxophone solo) Madi Glasspoole (flute solo) Ellen Rosengren (bass clarinet solo) Austin Henderson & Ricky Johnson (saxophone duet) Bennett Sather (saxophone solo) Zoie Boudreau-Landis (flute solo) Ellen Rosengren, Sydney Havrilla, Madelyn Pickar, Sneha Kharel (woodwind quartet) Bristol Larson (flute solo) Caden Gillitzer (saxophone solo) Jillian Tryon (flute solo) Olive Tritabaugh (baritone saxophone solo) Madison Garza (flute solo), Garrison Petermann-Dake (saxophone solo).

Fantastic ranking: Ella Fein (voice solo) Anjolina Richards (voice solo) Madison Junker (voice solo) Dom Gerace (voice solo) Alex Ballard (percussion solo) Ailey Koenen (horn solo) Kenzy Eisele (clarinet solo) Parker Stephens (trombone solo) Morgan Rotunda & Kallie Wilson (clarinet duet) Cara Lemmon (clarinet solo) Jensen Baumberger (percussion solo) Bennett Stoebner (percussion solo) Evan Mills (trumpet solo) Dave Kuffel (trombone solo) Hadley Furman (trombone solo) Austin Henderson, Mason Igl, Sam Eagen, Ricky Johnson, Alex Bowe, Olive Tritabaugh, Zane Bacon, Connor Egan, Luke Johnson, Tori Dodds (blended ensemble).