June 16, 2024


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October 7 Tunes Festival Survivor Fights Back again as CYP Mitzvah Ambassador

Oct 7 Audio Festival Survivor Fights Back as CYP Mitzvah Ambassador

Natalie Sanandaji woke up to the sound of rockets exploding overhead. It was a balmy morning at the Nova Music Festival, and her Israeli friends weren’t involved “It’s just a couple of rockets,” a buddy mentioned. 

Then, protection cut the songs, “Head to your automobiles,” they said. The only dirt street out jammed rapidly. “Get out and operate!” an individual yelled. In her vehicle, Natalie and her friends grew confused—until they heard the to start with gunshots. 

They fled. “Kids ran in each individual route,” Natalie remembers, “nobody realized which way was secure.” They passed a ditch, “hide right here,” a person stated. They ran as a substitute. Later on, they heard terrorists experienced shot everybody who hid there.

They ran for 5 several hours. A law enforcement officer pointed to the closest town—hours away by foot. Ultimately, they stopped below a lone tree in the desert. A white pickup appeared, driving at them rapidly. They looked at just about every other, considering, “It’s about.” It was an Israeli man. He drove them to the closest city, then drove again into the desert to rescue more. 

Now properly back again dwelling in Wonderful Neck, New York, Natalie is shaken by what she’s been as a result of, but she’s also taking part in a foremost purpose in the combat from darkness. She’s joined the ranks of Chabad Youthful Industry experts’ Mitzvah Ambassador application and has been inviting her pals to occur with each other to light Shabbat candles.

Natalie shared her tale at Chabad Young Specialists Intercontinental’s Ambassadors of Peace start party on Sunday, Oct 29. Now, she’s just one of hundreds of youthful Jewish industry experts throughout the world who have stepped up in latest weeks to share the electricity of Shabbat Candles, Tefillin, and other mitzvah options with their broader social circle. 

“We are all encouraged to see Natalie’s perseverance to guide,” suggests Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice-chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, the umbrella firm that oversees Chabad Young Experts. “Jews almost everywhere want to reconnect proper now Mitzvah Ambassadors are giving their buddies a meaningful way to embrace their Jewish link.”

For Natalie, remaining a Mitzvah Ambassador is a way to encourage what allowed the Jews to outlast their adversaries: faith and unity. “This is not the to start with time a team has tried using to destroy us,’” she claims, “I understood that even if our enemies outnumber us, they’re not bigger—we have our religion in Hashem, and we have our appreciate for every single other that is what presents us the energy to persevere.”

Some Mitzvah Ambassadors, like Rebbecca Kovach of Palm Harbor, Florida, have turned their residences into a centre of Mitzvah activity. On Sukkot, she and her partner asked good friends to be a part of them in the Sukkah. Since Oct 7, she’s been hunting forward to inviting her friends in excess of to light-weight Shabbat candles.

“I’m excited,” she says. “There’s a thing so special about including one particular additional mitzvah to your everyday living, my close friends are likely to be fired up about this.”

Watch: An IDF soldier stationed in Chevron many thanks the CYP Mitzvah Ambassadors for their endeavours.