November 29, 2023


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Next Unexpectedly Comedic Episode, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Showrunner Reveals Other Large Genres Season 1 Will Deal with

Warning! The next includes spoilers for the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode “Spock Amok.” Browse at your own possibility!

Star Trek: Weird New Worlds a short while ago premiered its newest episode for Paramount+ subscribers, and for some, it might’ve been fairly the unexpected journey. “Spock Amok” is a comedic episode, and that’s not a genre Trek tackles normally unless of course we’re speaking about Star Trek: Decreased Decks, which would have been fitting supplied the title’s riff on the Looney Tunes traditional “Duck Amuck.” That specific tonal change won’t be the only time the sci-fi series hops into fewer acquainted territory both, as co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers solely discovered to CinemaBlend a glimpse of what is in advance in Season 1.