September 29, 2022


Buzz The Music

I appreciate that ‘horror fishing game’ is turning out to be a style

There is certainly some thing inherently spooky about fishing. You are normally on your own on a boat, from time to time considerably out at sea. You are casting a line into deep, murky waters and emotion an mysterious, unseen creature quickly sink its enamel into your bait and get started to pull. You are a hunter with almost nothing but a string on a stick in an environment just about entirely concealed from see, a person you cannot survive in for prolonged need to anything at all go completely wrong. It is the great canvas for creeping dread and massive scares.

So I am glad to see more and more fishing games embracing the prospective for horror, like the announcement trailer for Dredge (opens in new tab) (above). The “sinister fishing journey” from Group 17 and Black Salt Games casts you as a fisherman marooned on a mysterious island populated with peculiar figures. To gain enough to restore your ship you can expect to have to trawl the island’s darkish waters for fish and what ever odd curios you deal with to pull from the waves.