June 20, 2024


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How To Craft In Sons Of The Forest

Crafting is essential to surviving in Sons Of The Forest. Here’s everything you need to know about the various crafting systems in the game.

Without crafting, you won’t make it far in Sons Of The Forest. You can craft weapons, armor, special items, and much more, depending on your tools and whether you’re using a 3D printer. Yes, there are 3D printers in this game.

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There are also little to no tutorials in the game that teach you how to craft in the game, which is what this guide is for, including hotkeys, recipes, and where to find various materials and 3D printers.

Crafting Basics

Crafting Inventory Sons Of The Forest

The majority of crafting in Sons Of The Forest is completed on your Inventory Mat. Just press “I” and this will open your inventory.


You can combine items on the mat, and when you acquire new items, they will typically unlock new crafting recipes for you to use.

Some good starter recipes include:

  • Wooden Spear – Sticks, Duct Tape, and Knife
  • Bow – Rope, Sticks
  • Arrows – Sticks, Rope, Small Stones

How To Find Starter Materials

Crafting Materials

You will be able to get a lot of the starter materials from the spawn area – make sure that you unpack all the surrounding luggage to get items like Duct Tape.

Sticks, stones, and small stones can be collected from the ground or by using your hatchet to cut down small trees.

Feathers are a bit more complex – you will first need to craft a wooden spear and then use that to hunt down birds. They will drop 4–5 feathers when you kill them.

Here’s our guides on where to find other items in the game:

  • How To Find Rope
  • How To Find The Shovel

Advanced Crafting

3D Printing Grappling Hooks Sons Of The Forest

As you progress and explore, you will encounter 3D printers hidden in various locations across the map. These are where you can craft more sophisticated items, like stronger arrows, the sled, and a water flask.

These 3D printers are located at the green flashing pointers on your map, and are usually inside a small cave or building.

To craft at 3D printers, you will need to collect Printer Ink which can be found at various locations, such as caves, in chests, and other loot spots.

3D Printer Crafting Recipes

  • Arrows cost 50 Resin to craft, and you’ll get 4 of them
  • A Mask costs 150 Resin
  • A Water Flask costs 100 Resin
  • A Grappling Hook costs 100 Resin
  • Tech Mesh costs 250 Resin
  • The Sled costs 1000 Resin

Only craft what you can afford in the 3D printer, as once you’ve used it, you won’t be able to replace the item inside the printer until it has finished printing. We learned this the hard way by trying to print the Sled for 1000 Resin right off the bat…

We recommend setting up your base close to one of these 3D printers as they can be extremely useful for getting items in the early-game.