September 22, 2023


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Dominaria United Standard Wildcard Crafting Guide

Hi everybody! Now I’m likely to harken again to my very to start with posting in this article on MTG Arena Zone, a Wildcard Crafting Guide! With a new set coming out, Wildcards are constantly likely to be strained so a lot of players like to know in advance of time what are the safest crafts so they do not squander all of their wildcards. With that, I combed by the overall set and divided each single Uncommon and Mythic into certain types so you know how protected they are to craft. Right here are the parameters I made use of:

1. Lands

Lands really should often be your 1st precedence as these are usually heading to be the most ubiquitous cards in Typical. The cycle of painlands are all incredibly protected crafts.

2. Ubiquitous Rares

This is a really general classification, but what I necessarily mean here is to future craft Rares you see in multiple decklists. Examples of this could include things like Fable of the Mirror-Breaker or Wedding Announcement as they see enjoy in functionally any deck that can forged them. On top of that you want to commence with Rares as Mythics are likely to be a great deal more durable to stockpile.

3. Ubiquitous Mythic Rares

Even though you generally want to prevent crafting Mythics if you are just upgrading price range decks, there are a lot of Mythics that see so a lot perform they are very risk-free crafts. The most well-known ones that arrive to mind are a thing like The Meathook Massacre or The Wandering Emperor as they are playing cards that have virtually no alternative.

4. Certain Rares

These are Rares that may perhaps see nominal participate in or only see perform in just one to two tactics. They can be excellent cards, just narrow, this kind of as Halana and Alena, Companions or Edgar, Charmed Groom.

5. Specific Mythic Rares

These are Mythics that see negligible or tiny amounts of participate in. These are absolutely the very last factor you want to craft as these will be really hard to use in other procedures with cards like Spectral Adversary or Elspeth Resplendent.

6. Junk/Exceptionally Unique Rares

These rares are not likely to see any enjoy and even if they do, it’s probably in one system that can by some means make very good use of their influence. Except if you have an surplus of Wildcards, I would typically stay away from these.

7. Junk/Incredibly Certain Mythics

These Mythics are unlikely to see any engage in and even if they do, it’s probable in 1 strategy that can someway make very good use of their outcome. Except you have an excess of Wildcards, I would generally prevent these.

The finest way to use this checklist is as a suggests of choosing which decks to go for primarily based on how most likely the playing cards you craft can be utilized to other techniques. So if you have constrained Wildcards to spare, crafting decks that have a substantial amount of Ubiquitous Rares or Mythics is surely your ideal wager, or a finances deck that forgoes as significantly rares and mythic rares as achievable (expect a entire update for Dominaria United soon!):

As a final notice, these cards aren’t in get inside of their grouping, they’re just in shade purchase. With that out of the way, let us get to the listing!


*To avoid confusion, I want to make apparent that lands like Plaza of Heroes and Thran Portal aren’t autocrafts, irrespective of getting Unusual lands. I would say Plaza of Heroes is a Certain Exceptional in which Thran Portal is amongst Unique and Ubiquitous. Right now it is almost certainly nearer to Ubiquitous, but when the other painlands occur out, it’ll see significantly a lot less participate in.

Ubiquitous Rares

Ubiquitous Mythic Rares

Particular Rares

  • Archangel of Wrath
  • Stronghold Arena
  • Temporal Firestorm* – At this time overshadowed by Burn up Down the Property, having said that if you need to have that impact, may be better to craft this as you’ll have it for an further calendar year
  • Urborg Lhurgoyf
  • Defiler of Faith
  • Defiler of Desires
  • Defiler of Flesh
  • Defiler of Intuition
  • Defiler of Vigor
  • Valiant Veteran
  • Vodalian Hexcatcher
  • Shadow-Ceremony Priest
  • Rundvelt Hordemaster
  • Leaf-Topped Visionary
  • The Cruelty of Gix
  • The Elder Dragon War* – Might be a Ubiquitous Unusual, on the fence right here
  • Quirion Beastcaller
  • Leyline Binding* – May be a Ubiquitous Rare, improved in older formats so it’s hard to say
  • Academy Loremaster
  • Drag to the Base* – This card is incredibly impressive, but Standard’s present-day mana isn’t conducive to generating this card fantastic
  • Llanowar Greenwidow
  • Danitha, Benalia’s Hope
  • Aether Channeler
  • Braids Arisen Nightmare
  • Annointed Peacekeeper
  • Silver Scrutiny
  • Radha’s Firebrand* – May well be extra Ubiquitous Uncommon as it’ll be a 4 of in all Purple Aggro decks
  • Herd Migration
  • Momentary Lockdown
  • Haughty Djinn
  • Evolved Sleeper
  • Squee, Doubtful Monarch
  • Llanowar Loamspeaker
  • Ertai Resurrected* – Very potent card, just not numerous decks can guidance it
  • Rivaz of the Claw
  • King Darien XLVIII
  • Astor, Bearer of Blades
  • Nemata, Primeval Warden
  • Golden Argosy

Certain Mythic Rares

Junk/Exceptionally Situational Rares

Junk/Extremely Unique Mythic Rares

Conclude Step

Dominaria United is pretty intriguing as there are a whole lot of highly effective playing cards, but they appear to be much far more situational compared to the Rares and Mythics from most other sets. This could make it a lot more tricky to forged a huge net of decks when paying your wildcards, but acquiring a powerful deck that you like to spend your wildcards on is commonly my recommendation anyway!

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I hope this guide allows you decide on which deck you should go for next! Thanks for looking through!