June 14, 2024


Buzz The Music

Best DJ controllers 2024: For Traktor, rekordbox and more

DJ setups come in all shapes and sizes. Some DJs will use a laptop and controller, others CDJs (although these are generally used with USB drives, rather than actual CDs these days), others rely on vinyl turntables or one of the multitude of standalone player devices on the market. There really is a vast amount of ways to DJ out there.

Even just within the realm of the best DJ controllers, there’s no shortage of variety. From so-called ‘battle’ devices – aimed at scratch DJs and turntablists – to complex rigs that emulate the functionality of top-end club setups. There are controllers specifically designed to take advantage of the latest features of rekordbox, Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ, and others that will work with a multitude of applications. Some are designed for use with just desktop machines, while others can be used with your mobile device.