June 20, 2024


Buzz The Music

10 years of the Korg Volca: Every synth, drum machine and sampler ranked from best to worst

Ever since the launch of the Bass, Beats and Keys models in late 2013, Korg’s Volca range has become a byword for affordable, compact synths and drum machines. Since then, more Volcas have been launched – plus a mini mixer for those who own multiple models – bringing the likes of sampling and both FM and modular synthesis to the family.

In the 10 years since they first hit the market, the Volcas have had an undeniable influence on both the synth market, and electronic music as a whole. While some naysayers might write them off as ‘toys’ due to their wallet-friendly price and small size, artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Octo Octa, Gorillaz and Mura Masa have proved how effective they can be in creating top-quality music.